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Membership in BEPHA is open to all at the following levels:

  • Family and Household Members
  • Social, Cultural (Tribal meetings, etc) and Religious Groups or Associations.
  • Socio-economic Groups (NJANGIs, CIGs, NGOs, etc), and other Organisations
  • Business Establishments, Institutions, Schools, Professional Associations,  Companies, etc)

Heads of Families (Households), Institutions, Organisations or Groups, as identified above, constitute the Members of BEPHA; together with their Dependents, they all are referred to as BEPHA Adherents.



  • Membership is open to any responsible adult, irrespective of tribe, race, cultural background, or religious affiliation.
  • Members (Household or Group Heads) attend the Local and General Assemblies, and can vote or  can be voted into the Executive bureau of BEPHA.
  • Members pay a Registration Fee of 1.000 FCFA, and an Annual General Assembly (AGM) Fee of 1,000 FCFA.
  • The Annual Contribution for each BEPHA Adherent stands at 4,000 FCFA.
  • Other requirements to faciliate the enrollment process include: two recent coloured passport-size photos and photocopy of National Identity Card (NIC) or Birth Certificate for each person in the Household or Group.
  • Number of persons needed to constitute an enrolled Household ranges from 4 to 10. Larger Households (with more then 10 persons) are attributed two BEPHA policies.
  • Number of persons for Groups, Organisations, Institutions, etc. ranges from 4 to infinitum.
  • Once interested to adhere in BEPHA, everyone in a given Household or Group must be enrolled to avoid adverse selection.

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We avoid individual adhesion into BEPHA because only those who are often sick will tend to belong to the scheme. This is known as Adverse Selection and it is dangerous because the scheme will not be viable and sustainable as more money will be spent on health bills. We, therefore, insist that entire Households or Groups must be registered into BEPHA - with the presumption that the contribution of those who are not sick, within the year, covers the health bills of those who fall sick.
Another level of Adverse Selection is when people register or renew and pay their contributions only when they are threatened by sickness, or when they have to honour their appointments with the doctor. This is an exploitative and dishonest attitude which should be discouraged at all cost. It shows the lack of charity and spirit of solidarity towards other adherents of BEPHA.



This is a period following enrolment, during which new Members pay Annual Contributions to BEPHA but are not entitled to receive health coverage, whether for themselves or for their Dependents. It is the period before a risk matures. It is 30 days (1 month) for minor health risks and 6 months for major health risks, including Delivery. This period of observation is equally intended to check opportunists who may want to exploit the scheme by registering and paying contributions only when threatened by sickness or on the eve of respecting their rendez-vous with the doctor.
Waiting or Observation Period also enables Members to provide all requirements: if they pay Annual Contributions in installments, to complete them, and to submit 2 recent, colour passport size photos and photocopy of either National Identity Cards or Birth Certificates of each Adherent to the BEPHA office. This period equally gives the office enough time to prepare BEPHA Cards for the Household or Group adherents.